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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  August 9, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> developing now on "action news," president trump threatens fire and fury. north korea responds with its own threats of targeting a u.s. territory. >> a serial burglar is going to heights to break into businesses. he's sneaking in through the roof. >> lotto fever is twice as big this week. both mega millions and tonight's powerball are worth each more than $300 million. >> you know you're not going to win but it's nice to think
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about what you would do if you did. good morning, it's 5:30 on this wednesday august 9th. david is off. >> a bit too honest i guess. i don't know. [laughter] >> let's go over to karen rogers. she's in for dave murphy and matt pelman has your traffic. good morning. >> at least we have winning weather on this wednesday. >> we do, right. i'm giving you your winnings today. you can thank me later. let's take a look at satellite and radar. you can see that the clouds are out of here. the rain is out of here and you know what, we've got a beautiful day. low humidity, a light breeze, so get out there and enjoy it today. today's temperatures are even cooler than yesterday morning as you're starting off. 60 degrees in reading but only 58 in allentown. we have dipped to the 50's in some of the northwest suburbs like quakertown and pottstown. we've been sitting in the mid-50's. 61 in trenton, 63 at atlantic city airport and 66 degrees right now in philadelphia. but we're going to rebound pretty nicely today under bright sunshine. at 7:00 a.m. still cool in the low to mid 60's.
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about lunchtime 80 degrees, nice and sunny. by 3 o'clock, 83. that's your high for today. we'll still be sitting at that at five. a:with wall to wall sunshine this afternoon. at 7 o'clock 81 degrees and it stays really nice tonight as well. a lot of people have been talking about musikfest. you haven't had a a lot of terrific weather in bethlehem it's clear and calm. get out there and enjoy it. 7 o'clock 76, at 11 o'clock 67. matt i know you like when i talk about god smack. they're forming at 7:00 musikfest a great night. in the city it stays clear and dry as well. >> it just fits you. i know you're rocking out to god smack as you're driving in at 3 a.m. for sure. good morning karen, good morning, everybody. we're rocking and rolling now on the vine street expressway because construction crews are out of the way. all lanes reopen in both directions. i would expect those crews to return tonight at 11 o'clock but for now, don't even think about them. you're good to go along 676. they are, though, still working on the sinkhole that resulted from a water main break yesterday afternoon in south philadelphia along south
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broad at geary by the cvs just south of 76 as you head toward the sports complex. watch out for a lane being blocked there this morning. but no big issues at this point along 95. overnight work on the schuylkill is gone and the blue route, 476 is also in the clear. byberry road shut down for the demolition of the old nabisco building. overnight work wrapping up on the southbound side of the roosevelt boulevard, milling and paving between ryan avenue and harbison avenue. one zone left along 422. it's the westbound direction between 23 and trooper road. just the left lane getting by so you're tapping your brakes as you head westbound toward oaks on this wednesday morning. matt. >> thank you, matt. developing now, the u.s. and north korea are trading escalating threats. this latest stair down follows reports of the communist country has mastered crucial technology needed to strike the u.s. mainland with a nuclear missile. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live in the sat center with the full story. katherine. >> reporter: matt, intentions have been mounting.
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north korea threatened a missile strike on gaum soon after president trump issued strong words toward the regime. a harsh warning from president trump to north korea. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> reporter: the remarks tuesday in bedminster new jersey come in response to kim jong un's threat to make the u.s. pay dearly following tough new sanctions from the united nations. the exchange followed an assessment from u.s. intelligence analysts who believe that north korea can now produce a miniaturized nuclear warhead. >> he has been very threatening beyond a normal statement. >> reporter: soon after the president's comments north korea issued a statement carried on its state run news agency. its military is examining plans for a missile strike around gaum, a u.s. territory in the pacific that's home to 163,000 people and a u.s.
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military base. gaum's governor says he's been in touch with the white house and the threat level has not changed. >> i want to reassure the people of gaum that currently there is no threat to our island or the marianas. >> reporter: some had expressed concerns with the president's statement. >> you can't be engaging in school boy rhetoric with north korea. this is absurd. >> what he was basically doing is threatening nuclear war against north korea. this is in a time when any with north korea would be catastrophic. >> reporter: gaum's governor added that while there was no threat of a strike that the island was prepared for any eventuality. live from the satellite center katherine scott, channel6 "action news. tam. >> katherine thank you for that. new this morning the search is on for the shooter who gunned down a 22-year-old man in north philadelphia. saw the victim standing along the curb on the 2100 block of north garnett street just before midnight. the victim was shot three times but was able to run for
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help but later died at the hospital. new gunfire erupted near a playground in montgomery county. one person has been shot. this happened around 11:45 last night at west oak and cherry streets in norristown. there's no word on the victim's condition this morning or if police have made an arrest. >> 5:36 now. philadelphia police are trying to track down a serial burglar. detectives released surveillance pictures of a person of interest. they say the burglar has targeted nine businesses in northeast philadelphia in the last five weeks and each time, he tries to get in through rooftop vents. call philadelphia police if you recognize him. >> if you play the lottery talk about a double-header of luck. two of the country's biggest games are simultaneously worth more than $300 million for the first time in history. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live in center city with just how high the jackpots have jumped but jeanette you need to make a plan because i think the lines are going to be long to get a ticket. >> reporter: they are.
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give yourself a little bit of time. the good news is if you do win and you plan on quitting your job, maybe it's not a big deal if you're late today because you were busy waiting in line to become a millionaire overnight. now, you are right, though, the lines are expected to be pretty long today. that is because for the first time ever u.s. lottery players will have their choice of games offering over $300 million. the mega millions is one of the largest prizes in the game's 15 year history at $382 million after rolling for 14 weeks. the last winners were awarded all the way back in april. now, a new winner could be announced on friday night. the powerball is 307 million. that's nowhere near the largest powerball ever. back in january of 2016 it was at one points $6 billion. that was split three ways. you could find out if you're a winner for that this saturday. i want to talk about another set of millions and that is your odds. they're not looking too good. it's about one in well over
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250 million for each game but of course there is that question if you win, what would you do? here it is. >> well, if i win i won't be going to work anymore but i love my job. [laughter] >> reporter: you love it but you'll be doing other things. >> yes, i'll be traveling around the world. >> reporter: and i thought it all through. i'm not going to quit. i'll be doing live shots from my mansion and i'll value separate room for you tam and you can anchor from there as well so we don't really have to quit our job. matt we've got it all planned out. matt doesn't play the powerball. >> i'll swim in the pool. >> reporter: we'll leave you at the studio. >> jeanette he says he'll swim in the pool. if you want to give him his own wing of the mansion too i'm pretty sure he'd show up. we'll see you soon. if you play the mega millions last night here are the numbers 11, 17, 50, 52, 72, 14, those are also scrolling at the bottom of your screen. >> yes.
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>> i want a wing in the mansion. don't forget me jeanette if you win. >> we'll invite you over. >> they'll finish the basement. >> all right, well... matt says you got a winning be forecast. that's the best we can do for you that's it. let's take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan. we are drive. we are looking good and we're feeling good out here today. let's go on outside right now. we want to see what this day looks like 'cause what a shot. isn't that beautiful? sky6 looking live at the commodore barry bridge. we had about 10-inches of rain in some spots last month. and we have earned the beautiful blue skies and crisp start to the morning out there. let's look at these numbers for you right now. you saw just one or two clouds out there. we'll see lots of sunshine this afternoon. but the temperatures only 66 degrees. it does feel kind of crisp out there and really low humidity. it's dropped down the dewpoint to 59. winds out of the northwest. pressure holding steady and the ocean temperature 72. satellite and radar showing that for the most part the
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clouds are out of there, the rain is out of there. we've got a dry day today. we've got high pressure to thank for that so enjoy the sunshine at 8:00 a.m., it's 67. at 10:00 a.m., 72. by lunchtime upper 70's, lots of sunshine. at 3 o'clock, 83 degrees and at 6 o'clock coming down from that high of 83 and it's 82. pretty good beach day as well. little bit of a sea breeze. temperatures in the upper and 70's there but pleasant. 78 for a high in that atlantic city. 79 in beach haven and 80 in bethany beach as you are headed down the shore. tomorrow things change only slightly. it's still a really nice day. we've got a couple good ones coming your way. high pressure slides to the east and that's going to make way for a few more clouds to mix with the sunshine so mostly sunny skies. just a few high clouds tomorrow. but 85 degrees for your high. we stay dry but you get the idea of looking at this. we've got an upper level trough that swings through after thursday and we get a few unsettled days. let's run it down for you here in the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. today it is nice, it is bright we've got low humidity and a high of 83 degrees.
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tomorrow mostly sunny skies. few high clouds. 85 degrees. still feeling pretty good and low humidity. friday is when things change a little bit. it turns unstable. we get more clouds in the picture, turns more humid, chance for a shower and that lasts through monday so that starts friday and lasts through your weekend. 82 degrees. no day looks like a washout. you'll maybe just get a shower or two late in the day on friday or probably holding off until then. saturday humid, chance for a thunderstorm or two in the area, 82. sunday some sunshine, just like saturday, it's humid, maybe a lesser chance for a thunderstorm and 84 degrees. monday mostly cloudy. looks like the best chance for a period of rain might come on monday. 80 degrees for your high and then finally that trough kicks out of there. tuesday we start off with some leftover clouds but it ends up nice. we break that pattern, get the sunshine. it feels pretty good out there with a high of 82. so, today beautiful. does turn a little more unsettled and we're really not looking at any temperatures even sitting at average in the seven day.
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everything is a little below average. >> thanks karen. 5:41. a south jersey boy with special needs is now in protective custody. police say his mother abandoned him many, many miles away from home. >> and newly released video shows a police chase from the officer's point of view. >> meet the couple who took their love for cross fit training to a new level. they traded wedding bells for kettle bells. matt. >> that's an idea. go, to you matt. we're still watching the construction on that big old sinkhole here in queen village along columbus boulevard southbound at queen street. set up for this morning is the same as the last couple weeks, just the left lane getting by. so, we can expect delays and delays are coming to 476, the blue route, later today. i'll tell you where when "action news" continues on this wednesday morning. >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> taking a live look here out across center city. it is the pick of the litter today. a great day. it's going to feel good. we have some sunshine, not be too hot. 5:45, 56 degrees. >> 83 degrees. we'll take it matt. >> all the worries just melt away when the weather is so perfect. at least most of them. and on the traffic front not a lot to worry about this morning matt and tam, just a whole bunch of construction. here's a warning for the
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midday. the bridge inspecters are inspectors are returning to 476, the blue route. today it's southbound here over the schuylkill river. so approaching the schuylkill expressway from 9:00 until 3:00, watch out for lane restrictions and delays. but this morning no more restrictions on the ramps connecting the blue route, 476, and northeast extension with the east-west turnpike. that overnight construction on the ramps has cleared as has the northbound zone between the lehigh valley and the lehigh tunnel. all the overnight crews there are out of the way so no longer a slow pace as you head northbound. coming off the blue route, 476, in delco more work scheduled along the route one media bypass. southbound around 252, rose tree park. watch on the for the crew out there during the midday. farther south on route one the oxford bypass we saw delays last evening because of that new zone this week between newark road and route 41, avondale. expect them later today. baltimore pike might be a better bet and the work continues a bit to the south along newark road.
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that's been going on for a little while. coming into south jersey via the betsy ross bridge watch out for work on 90 eastbound. they should be out of there by 6 o'clock. looks like crews have cleared from that 70 in cherry hill but for the next 15 minutes in mount ephraim watch out for work on the black horse pike. tam. >> thank you, matt. going on a new jersey mother is back home but will soon be in court facing charges that she abandoned her special needs son. 39-year-old debra wisler didn't want to talk to us when we stopped by her home in millville. she's accused of leaving her son near joint base maguire dix lakehurst. detectives believe she left the boy there last thursday after learning he was not eligible for a youth program at the base. the 10-year-old who has special needs is now in protective custody. a 16-year-old led police on a wild chase.
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officers barely missed a pedestrian p officers followed him with guns drawn and eventually took him into custody. >> tributes pouring in for glen campbell. a wreath and flowers adorn his star on the hollywood walk of fame. fellow country star dolly parton calls campbell one of the greatest voices there ever was. the arkansas native died yesterday six years after he announced his alzheimer's diagnosis. campbell was among the biggest stars of the 60's and 70's. his hits included rhinestone campbell. >> reporter: former dj david mueller took the stand. he laid out his roons for suing the berks county star claiming he was fired over a false groping accusation. swift is countersuing mueller. she claims he grabbed her backside during a meet and greet in denver in 2013. the singer's lawyer was able to get mueller to admit that
5:49 am
various supervisors had discussed possibly letting him go even before the encounter with swift. >> instead of a venue with wedding bells a new hampshire couple chose one with kettle bells. they tied the knot at a cross fit gym in lebanon monday. but hours before the event the gym underwent a transformation and the couple have been sweating it out during a special workout of the day. >> made us stronger as a couple. we thought there was no better place. >> candles kettle bells and barbells lined the aisle and the couple's friend and trainer led their ceremony. >> 5:49. we know karen's fave god smack is racking a musikfest. we'll take a look at who has already been rocking bethlehem this week. >> the first family picks a d.c. area school for its younger member, baron trump. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> aloe blacc. their best r and b album. earlier in the day our own jeanette reyes visited the crowd at the "action news" booth saying hello signing autographs. we love it when you stop by and say hi. be sure to do that if you're up there through sunday. >> i'll be there on friday. going to perform with the sofa case. >> that's exciting. >> 7:00 p.m. at the wells fargo west flats. join them for a couple songs. >> very nice. >> they're a great band. they're like chicago. >> i heard you play. people are in for a good treat. >> sounds like fun. let's head outside this morning. if you're headed out for some fun on a flight maybe going somewhere else today, maybe headed to the airport things look good on the platt bridge
5:53 am
heading to philadelphia international airport and no complaints on our good buddy ben, the ben franklin bridge. all that overnight construction we were watching in the eastbound lanes headed toward camden has cleared out of the way so all lanes opened in both directions: if you're riding a patco train over the ben new jersey transit train or septa train everything is on time this morning with no delays. karen. >> look how cool it is in some of these suburbs. 54 degrees in quakertown and pottstown, 56 in kirkwood and bethlehem, 59 warminster, 66 a little better in center city itself. in new jersey we're in the 50's now. in glassboro, in vineland, upper 50's, 59 in browns mills and ewing and claymont delaware. another cool start to the day. a high of 83 here in the city. we mentioned musikfest. tonight head out 7 o'clock, 76 with bright sunshine. at 9 o'clock, 70. at 11 o'clock, 67. nice day t-nice night, matt. >> who is playing. >> god smack. >> god smack, yeah. >> the first family has decided on a new school for the president's youngest son.
5:54 am
baron trump has enrolled to start the sixth grade at same time andrews episcopal school in potomac maryland. the school sent home a letter to parents assuring campus security and logistics will run smoothly for all families. tuition and fees are around $40,000.
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>> neighbors in chester county are weighing in on what appears to be a deadly dispute to two men who live next to each other. this happened on box elder. 51-year-old clayton carter shot and killed 51-year-old brooks jennings. neighbors say the two had argued about politics but that carter had a grudge that only he understood. >> we stayed clear of him. >> just to let a feud ton him and to him it's like why can't we get along. unfortunately he met someone who didn't feel the same way if carter was arraigned in court yesterday. his lawyer says carter shot jennings in self-defense claiming that jennings had a knife. >> two philadelphia hospitals can count themselves among the 20 best in the country. the rankings according to the new u.s. world report honor roll. thomas jefferson ranked second best in our area.
5:58 am
and 16th nationwide. >> it's 5:57. coming up next, a death investigation is that under way at a popular ac casino. >> cheetos served on fine china. junk food inspires a unique dining experience in new york. >> ♪
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>> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday august 9th. >> we're following developing news. tensions between the u.s. and north korea are rising dangerously high as both leaders exchange threats. >> also developing now, the search for the driver who slammed into soldiers near paris. >> taking a live look at sky6. you have dealt with a few days of showers and cloudy weather. now


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